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Stock Market Corrections

STOCK MARKET CORRECTIONS Today, the media has been full of news of a dramatic fall in stock markets around the world with one measure of the US S&P 500 stock market falling by 4.6% in one day. The drama could lead you to believe that you should start selling your...

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Carillion & investment diversification

CARILLION & INVESTMENT DIVERSIFICATION Recent press have been full of stories about the collapse of Carillion, and the wider effects of the company's liquidation. This article explores how investors could be exposed to individual companies, like Carillion, and how...

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Lifetime ISA

The Government launched a new type of ISA called the Lifetime ISA (LISA) on 6th April 2017. This article explains how the Lifetime ISA works, who can use it, and how it is different to the main ISA. The Lifetime ISA is particularly attractive if you are aged under 40...

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Plans to sell annuities abandoned

The plan to allow consumers to sell annuities for a cash lump sum has been abandoned by the UK Government. Key points: You will now not be able to sell your pension annuity from April 2017 Anyone who bought an annuity before the pension freedoms will not be able to...

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Investments since Brexit

It is nearly 3 months since the EU referendum result. We have seen some unusual circumstances and results for investments since Brexit. This article examines some of the key changes and implications for your investments since Brexit. We also share the results of our...

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Financial implications of Brexit

The financial implications of Brexit could be considerable, so we have set out below the main short-term issues. In particular, we examine how Brexit could have an impact on your financial planning and investment management. Key points: There are risks to the economy...

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Risk vs reward with investments

Have you ever wondered what is the point of taking risks with investments? In this article, we examine the benefits and risks of investing: the trade off that is risk vs reward with investments. We show you the benefits of taking extra risk using data and examples,...

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Borrowing to invest

This article has been inspired by a recent newspaper article, which ignored the additional risks of borrowing to invest in property. Property investment is great for many people, but newspaper articles often simplify the investment issues surrounding property. The end...

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EU referendum resources

The UK votes in a pivotal referendum on June 23rd. What will happen to the economy if the UK votes to leave in the referendum? We have found that it can be difficult to get reliable information on the issues relevant to your decision. Therefore, we have...

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New State Pension from 2016

This article explains how the new State Pension works from 6th April 2016. The changes do not affect you if you are already claiming the State Pension. This change is important to you if you are approaching State Pension age, and particularly so if you are a...

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The personal savings allowance

The Personal Savings Allowance will mean that most people can avoid tax on their savings interest. Most people can save up to £200 tax as a result of the changes. If you earn less than £16,850 including savings interest you could pay no interest on a further £5,000....

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Buy to let stamp duty increase

From April 2016 buy to let investors will be subject to another tax increase. New purchases of rental properties or second homes after this date will incur an additional 3% stamp duty on top of the existing stamp duty rate. Key points Buy to let investors and second...

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Should you top up your State pension?

The State pension is changing from April 2016. As a result of this change you will be offered the chance to top up your State pension if you already receive the State pension under the current rules, or will become entitled to get the State pension before April 2016,...

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Buy to let tax relief changes

  From April 2017 the way you claim tax relief against a buy to let mortgage changed.If you pay income tax at 40% or 45%, and have a mortgage on your property, your buy to let profits could be severely reduced, or even wiped out. These changes will not affect you...

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Auto enrolment guide

Are you an employer looking for help and guidance dealing with your auto enrolment responsibilities? We have produced a low-cost solution to auto enrolment - a low-cost auto enrolment guide. Starting your auto enrolment project We have had many discussions with other...

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