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Stock Market Corrections

STOCK MARKET CORRECTIONS Today, the media has been full of news of a dramatic fall in stock markets around the world with one measure of the US S&P 500 stock market falling by 4.6% in one day. The drama could lead you to believe that you should start selling your...

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Carillion & investment diversification

CARILLION & INVESTMENT DIVERSIFICATION Recent press have been full of stories about the collapse of Carillion, and the wider effects of the company's liquidation. This article explores how investors could be exposed to individual companies, like Carillion, and how...

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Using Bonus sacrifice to save tax

Read how Michael used bonus sacrifice to generate a 106% return into his pension instantly. You can make huge savings in tax by using bonus sacrifice to pay into your pension plan. Are you a high earning employee who receives a bonus? Do you like paying Income Tax at...

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NHS pension scheme for GPs and doctors

The NHS pension scheme for GPs and Doctors - what you need to know This article explains some of the main differences between the different NHS pension schemes for GPs and doctors.Medical practitioners fit into your own area of the NHS pension scheme, as detailed...

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