At Woodruff Financial Planning, we are pleased to announce our involvement in Financial Planning Week 2020.

The popular event will be taking place between Mon 5th – Sun 11th October and will be a sure-fire way to make some great improvements to your future finances.

Free one-hour Financial Planning sessions

At WFP, we will be offering free one-hour consultations for those who feel they could benefit from some professional financial direction. The one-hour consultations will need to be pre-booked by calling 01206 919101 or emailing us at  Once the consultation is booked our Financial Adviser and director of Woodruff Financial Planning, Dan, will discuss the ins and outs of what you can do with your finances via a Zoom meeting. You will be in good hands with Dan; he lives and breathes financial planning, and he holds qualifications that put him in the top 5% of UK financial advisers.

Take the quiz – How resilient are your finances?

In support of Financial Planning Week, we have created a quiz (below) where you will be asked 10 finance related questions. At the end of the quiz, you will receive a ‘grade’ based on your score. This grade should give you some indication as to how resilient your finances are. You can also download a “Financial Resilience” pdf at the end of the quiz. Be sure to mention your score to us if you are to enquire about our free one-hour consultation sessions.

For further reading, you can visit our blog section which contains many useful articles on subjects such as:

Your Emergency Fund

Investing Money - how to invest

7 Strategies to Avoid Inheritance Tax

...and much more.

Click here to be taken to the blog section within our website.

You can also get some top tips in Dan's book, The 7 Figures Plan, which will help you to achieve clarity in your finances by eliminating the clutter in your financial life. It also comes with a handy workbook. This is a must-have tool when aiming for financial security.

We hope that you make the most out of the fantastic array of resources Financial Planning Week has to offer, as let's be honest, with the year we've all had, we certainly need some hope of a prosperous future ahead of us!

Stay safe, and see you next year for Financial Planning Week 2021.


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