The UK votes in a pivotal referendum on June 23rd. What will happen to the economy if the UK votes to leave in the referendum? We have found that it can be difficult to get reliable information on the issues relevant to your decision. Therefore, we have summarised some of the best EU referendum resources, to help you make up your mind.

These EU referendum resources all come from a certain perspective, so we have tried to indicate any potential bias for you. However, in general they each present a reasoned argument, which should help your decision on the subject.

Last updated: 21st June 2016.

Official EU referendum campaigns

Be prepared for extreme bias!

EU referendum resources

These are listed in alphabetical order!

So far, the overwhelming majority of the economic resources has been against leaving the EU – the Institute for Fiscal Studies cites that “Of the 14 organisations we have been able to find that have quantified the shortrun effects on national income, 12 suggest the effects would be negative, one (broadly) neutral, and one (Economists for Brexit) suggests a positive effect on national income. This does not include the Bank of England, which, whilst not quantifying the likely effect, has nevertheless made it clear that it believes there could be a significant negative effect (Bank of England, 2016).” See below for all of these resources.

Source Title/link Comments
 Bank of England  EU membership and the Bank of England  How EU membership impacts on the Bank of England’s role
 BBC  The EU referendum – all you need to know Comprehensive coverage of the EU referendum
 BBC  The UK and EU: better in or out? Overview of the main issues and both sides of the EU referendum debate
 BBC  Reality check: the EU referendum Fed up of the overblown EU referendum claims? Get to the facts behind the main issues and claims of the 2 sides
 CBI  Leaving the EU: implications for the UK economy Leaving the EU would mean a serious shock to the economy, according to the CBI analysis
 Channel 4  Fact check: EU referendum Fact check – Get behind the headlines to the truth of the current EU referendum issues
 Chatham House  The EU referendum: Britain’s choice on Europe What do other countries think of the EU referendum debate?
 Civitas  The Euroskeptic’s Handbook Arguments why the UK should leave the EU from the pro-Brexit side
Crowdpac Are you in or out? Take the test to decide which way to vote in the EU referendum
 The Economist  Graphics on EU referendum  Decide for yourself by examining the EU referendum data
 Economists for Brexit  The economy after Brexit  8 economists who are convinced of the strong economic case for leaving the EU.
 Foreign Affairs Select Committee  Implications of the referendum on EU membership for the UK’s role in the world  What would happen in practical terms if the UK votes to leave the EU?
 House of Commons  The EU referendum explained  House of Commons impartial analysis of the EU referendum arguments and options
Institute for Fiscal Studies Brexit and the UK public finances If the UK leaves the EU we would save money but would still have lower national income in the short and long term, leading to greater austerity and damage to the public finances
Institute of Economic Affairs The benefits of free trade without trade agreements Study supporting free trade without the need for trade deals if we vote to leave the EU
 London School of Economics  Brexit and the impact of immigration on the UK  Analysis of the positive impact of EU immigration on the UK
 London School of Economics  What are the UK’s options outside of the EU?  Analysis of the pros and cons for all options if the UK leaves the EU
National Institute of Economic and Social Research The long term effects of lower immigration to the UK Analysis of the immigration policies of both sides: long term lower immigration to the UK would lead to lower national income and higher taxes
 OECD  The economic consequences of Brexit  Analysis of the economic and policy impacts of leaving the EU
Open Europe WHat if there were a Brexit – the challenges and opportunities for the UK outside the EU Neutral analysis of life outside of the EU – the best case and worst case scenarios examined
Royal Society The role of the EU in funding research How UK universities benefit from EU funding for scientific research.
Trades Union Congress Working people and the case for remaining in the EU Trade unions believe that voting to leave the EU would make the UK jobs market worse, not better
Trades Union Congress The NHS – How Brexit could affect our health service Trade unions believe that leaving the EU poses risks for the NHS
Trades Union Congress Health and safety: What Brexit would mean Trade unions believe that EU health and safety legislation has been practical, fit for purpose, and, more importantly, effective.
Trades Union Congress Women workers’ rights and the risks of Brexit Trade unions believe that equal pay, sex discrimination and maternity rights could be eroded over time if we vote to leave the EU.
Trades Union Congress Free movement is a 2-way street – Brexit would risk it all Trade unions believe that the right to move to other EU countries benefits us all.
UK Treasury The impact of a Sterling depreciation The average expected fall in the value of the Pound after Brexit would be 12%, leading to a rise in the cost of imported goods.
University of Liverpool Debunking 4 myths about how the EU works EU legal expert analysis of the fallacies of the EU legal debate
Woodford Funds The economic impact of Brexit  Comment and analysis from an influential fund manager – broadly neutral, but not against leaving the EU.

Poll data

A summary of the latest poll data on the EU referendum.

What next?

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