When I was asked to contribute an article, I jumped at the chance, as we are passionate about reaching out to business owners and helping those that want to and are actually ready to change. I could write a book or two on the subject. As business owners we have so many areas that we have to deal with: growth, sales, marketing, leadership, communication, change, focus, clients, production, quality, planning, time etc.

So I decide to write a little bit about change and the business owner, because I believe as business owners we need to continually change and grow, to achieve the success we deserve and are looking for (the world is continually changing and at an ever faster pace and we need to as well).

Key points

  • Change in business is part of the journey
  • The 3 types of business owners
  • Business owners who change do the best
  • You don’t have to do it alone

Change in business

Change is not a small subject, so I will just touch upon a few of my beliefs and remember I am generalising (we are all different).

In our profession we come across business owners who fall into three distinct groups:-

  • Those that are energised and are looking to change. They will listen to and will embrace new ideas (and old) and try things.
  • Those that are sceptical about new ideas (and old) and a little reluctant to change and believe that certain things won’t work for them and their business, because their business is unique.
  • Those that are against any change, quite often they say I tried that once and it doesn’t work.

We believe all business owners start in the first group and then drop into the second group over time, as the daily toil of business has its effect. Then a few of those will then eventually drop into the third group.

Business owners who change are most successful

In general those that can stay in the first group will be successful. It is not easy to stay in this group and to do so, they need to continue to grow and understand themselves, gain new skills, stay focused and persevere.

Those in the second group will continue to struggle and may do OK, but they rarely achieve the results they are capable of. All that these business owners require is some guidance, some new skills and some support. These business owners tend to be 90% of those that approach us to work with them. Once these business owners get re-focused, start to change their mindset, create some plans for change and gain some new skills they get back into the first group and start to achieve amazing results over a period of time.

It takes time to change a business

We believe there is no quick fix, which is why most business owners drop down the groups over time as most are looking for that quick fix. For us success comes from the doing the right things on a continuous basis, plus fine tuning and tweaking things. Most business owners don’t find the time to grow themselves (gain new skills in leadership, sales, marketing, communication etc) or review what they are doing and make changes. For us it’s about hard work doing the right things, not hard work doing the wrong things, which is what a lot of business owners are unfortunately doing.

Once a business owner hits the third group we believe it is very very hard for them to get out of it, business has really taken its toll on them. And if they do decide they want to change and get out of this group they have quite often have left it to late and its a last throw of the dice.

Don’t try to do it alone

With business owners we find a lot of them have a fear of being found out, this is normal. However, it does prevent them seeking support and help in growing and developing, which is a real shame. If you look at the sporting world, the top sportsmen and women think nothing of working with coaches, trainers, mentors, etc. and normally for small changes that will make a huge difference between wining and losing. In business all the same principles for success apply: focus, new skills, small changes & improvements, mindset, planning etc. Sports people put winning teams around themselves and that is what business owners should do, as well as seeking help to grow and develop themselves. Do you think that most successful business owners have a great team around them and have coaches? They just don’t talk about it like the sports world does. We believe in the future business owners will talk about their coaches just like sports people do and guess which group these business owners will be in!

I hope this article has given you some food for thought.

What next?

If you want to make some change in your business you can contact Ray Hutchin here.

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