Are you an employer looking for help and guidance dealing with your auto enrolment responsibilities? We have produced a low-cost solution to auto enrolment – a low-cost auto enrolment guide.

Starting your auto enrolment project

We have had many discussions with other employers about auto enrolment. What we have found is that most small employers do not have a big budget to deal with auto enrolment. This means they are unable to pay for expensive auto enrolment consultancy services.

Our solution is to create a low-cost auto enrolment guide.

This guide takes you through the following:

  • A complete guide to completing your auto enrolment project
  • Everything you need to know about auto enrolment
  • A checklist of actions to take – in the correct order
  • Useful resources for further information
  • A simple low-cost solution
  • Get your auto enrolment project completed in the shortest period of time with the least hassle

Auto enrolment guide

For further details on the Auto enrolment guide, please do not hesitate to contact us

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