The 7 Figures Plan by Dan Woodruff

The 7 Figures Plan by Dan Woodruff

We are pleased to announce that Dan Woodruff has published his first Financial Planning book: The 7 Figures Plan.

The 7 Figures Plan is a simple system to achieve clarity in your finances, which will enable you to focus on the 7 most important figures necessary to create your own basic financial plan.

The book helps you to discover a straightforward way to eliminate the clutter in your financial life to gain clarity on what is actually important with your money. Take a strategic view of your finances to identify and overcome unexpected weaknesses and areas ripe for growth so you can jumpstart your efforts for the most positive impact.

The 7 Figures Plan is available now to purchase as a paperback or on Kindle.

The book comes with a free workbook, which is available to download on the 7 Figures Plan book website. This workbook allows you to set your financial goals, develop your own simple financial plan, and start to take action now to achieve the secure future you want.


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Dan Woodruff

Certified Financial Planner & Chartered Wealth Manager at Woodruff Financial Planning
Financial Planning helps you to navigate and anticipate significant life changes. I want to help you to ensure your money is managed wisely to give you the financial security that will fund the future and lifestyle that is important to you.

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