Case study: Pre Retirement Planning

Pre-retirement planning case study

When can I stop working?

We helped a couple to plan for early retirement based on their existing assets and savings. Our analysis showed them how they could live securely for the remainder of their lives.

“Retirement is most agreeable – it’s so nice to be doing things that I find rewarding, and I find that at the moment I have no regrets and that Monday morning is met with a smile rather than a sigh!”

Steve McClure – Financial Planning client


A couple were investigating whether they could afford to retire in the next few years. They had accumulated a number of different savings pots over the years and each also had various pensions. Their earnings were good from middle management positions and they didn’t want to give this up unless they could be sure they would be secure in the future.


Giving up decent incomes

Even though they were giving up good incomes, they didn’t want to reduce their lifestyle expectations in retirement.

How much is enough?

They wanted to make sure that they had enough money to ensure that they never ran out of money in the future.

Less hassle

They were keen to take the hassle out of managing their money now and in the future so they could focus on living the retirement they had worked so hard for.

Reduced risk

They wanted to reduce risk as much as possible since they would not be accumulating significant further assets.

Our approach

Calculated how much they needed

We showed them the amount needed to secure their desired future lifestyle.

This gave them a target for their plans. They knew that they could afford to retire within a few years.

Easy to understand position

Their plan meant they could easily understand their options. This allowed us to examine some scenarios and to explore ways to improve their position.

Helping their family

We showed them they could afford to give money to their children so that they could see the benefits of their hard work.

Investment plan

We created an investment plan to generate a flexible income to fund their retirement in a tax efficient way whilst taking the least risk necessary to achieve this.

Outcomes and Impact

Confidence to retire

Our approach gave them the confidence to retire sooner than they would have otherwise done.

Improved lifestyle

We also helped them to realise that they had enough assets and therefore gave them the chance to improve their situation and also assist their children financially, all while taking less risk with their money.

Continuing Support

Each year we revise their financial plan so that we can react to any changes and re-assess whether they remain on target to meet their long-term goal of security.

We also examine their investment portfolio and aim to keep it on track towards its goals while taking the least risk needed to do so.