Case study: Post Retirement Planning

Post retirement planning

We showed a retired executive that he had enough put aside to fund his future lifestyle and also to buy a holiday home abroad.

“Retirement is most agreeable – it’s so nice to be doing things that I find rewarding, and I find that at the moment I have no regrets and that Monday morning is met with a smile rather than a sigh!”


We were approached by a retired company executive who was about to leave employment and needed help to both manage his existing portfolio of assets and to work out whether he had enough accumulated to continue with his desire lifestyle in retirement.


The client needed to bring clarity to his financial affairs as he had accumulated a wide variety of investments during his working life. These were diverse and reflected decisions made at various points in his life but were no longer an appropriate portfolio for the new chapter in his life.

He wanted to purchase a retirement property in another country and needed help with managing the funds towards this project.

Once these challenges had been addressed, he needed a plan to ensure that he and his wife would have security in their future.

Our approach:

Our financial planning process allowed us to help the clients to work out what was important to them, and then look at ways to ensure that their needs were provided for.

We examined different scenarios which examined how secure their future would be so they could make the most of their lives together, while retaining control over their future.

We analysed their current and future assets together with the income needed to maintain their high standard of living both in the UK and abroad.

This gave the clients confidence that they had enough money put aside and enabled them to go ahead with the purchase of their holiday home.

We then consolidated their existing assets both to take an income for retirement and also to make best use of the tax advantages of certain investments. 

Following this we set up a portfolio to manage the risk of their investments while keeping on track towards their ultimate goals.

Outcomes and Impact:

The clients had the confidence to go ahead with their retirement plans safe in the knowledge that their future was secure..

They were able to make sense of their current financial situation and also examine the impact of possible future ventures.

We were also able to use the fact that the wife was a non tax payer to transfer some assets to her name and create an effective income free of tax for the first year.

Continuing Support:

Each year we schedule two reviews with the clients.  The first is to re-evaluate their financial situation and revise their financial plan so that we can take into account any changes to their circumstances and re-assess whether they remain on target to meet their long-term goals.

The second meeting reviews the clients’ investment portfolio and aims to keep it on track towards its goals while taking the least risk needed to do so.