I recently read an interesting post on the regrets of the dying. This was a blog post written by a former palliative care nurse, who shared her thoughts on the regrets people shared with her as they faced their own death.  It seems that we can all take stock of our lives as we reach that point when we can see our own death, and it is common for people to share some of the same regrets about how they had wished they could have lived their lives.

This is important because for us financial planning is the process you go through to help you to live the goals, dreams and lifestyle that you want.  Financial planning is not about the ‘stuff’ you want to accumulate and consume; it is really about giving you the freedom to live the life you really want, whatever that means to you.

So, as food for thought, have a think about some of these regrets of the dying, and consider whether if you were told you were facing death whether you might share some of them.  If so, perhaps now is the time to makes some changes in your life?

  1. Not living your dreams
    As soon as you lose your health this can be too late. Many people wish they had followed through on their dreams;
  2. Working too hard
    This is particularly relevant for men.  Many wish they had not worked such long hours, and regret missing their children growing up;
  3. Not expressing your feelings
    This can be true of those who lose someone unexpectedly
  4. Losing touch with friends and family
    When it comes down to it, it is our relationships which define us, but this requires some work;
  5. Not being as happy as possible
    It is easy to be negative and blame others, but it is your own responsibility to try to be as happy as you can.

Now, financial planning might not be the answer to all these regrets, but it can be to some of them.  Ultimately, it is up to you to start setting some priorities in your life and financial planning can help you to gain some perspective and start leaving some financial space to leave room for some of your other dreams and interests.

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